Draft is an award-winning creative agency with a passion for storytelling through full service video production and photography. Our expertise expands from producing critically acclaimed full-length documentaries, to directing 50+ person commercial sets with hired crew and celebrity talent. For those scenarios and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


We love collaborating with clients who want to try new things, take chances, and ultimately strive to make this world a better place—all while growing their business and creating awareness in unexpected ways. Hit us up for treatments and/or scripts spanning comedy, heartfelt narratives, documentaries, or animation. We’ll work with you to determine the best genre for your needs.


Draft offers a full range of production services from concepting to final distribution. Sizing up or down depending on your budget, we will capture compelling footage, record crystal-clear audio, and take care of all the pre-production planning that will bring the creative vision to life.


While we'll cherish the days of shooting from helicopters, we've embraced the opportunities made possible by cinema drones. Draft’s experienced and reliable drone pilots are FAA certified, licensed, and insured. From sailing above the Atlantic Ocean to soaring to new heights in the Pacific Northwest, we will stop at nothing to capture the most dynamic aerial imagery possible.


It’s time to make things (digitally) tangible! After filming is complete, our editors will crack their knuckles and get to work. We'll edit the footage, choose the perfect track, incorporate sound effects, create graphics, master the audio, color correct, and apply a cinematic grade to create the perfect finish for your project.


Whether it’s cross-shooting with video or a dedicated photo session, we put just as much effort into our still photography as we do in our videos – creating intimate and expressive images that break through the noise of online and social platforms.